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Vital Stats:

I am a photographer. A photographer is defined as a person who takes photographs, either as a hobby or a profession. To me it means you try to capture the one perfect moment in time to tell a story. I feel that every single picture I take is personal. I thoroughly enjoy knowing I can dream up a concept and make it come to life. To me every image matters. I’m driven to perfect my craft and create great quality work. What motivates my photographic work is finding beauty, uniqueness and creative opportunity in everything and everyone when shooting. I find these are the most important aspects in becoming a photographer. I’m a freelancer and enjoy the freedom of doing my work. I have great vision, even with my eyes shut. From the minute I wake up, my mind begins to think about photography until I go to bed. I eat, sleep, breathe and love my passion. With each passing moment in our lives memories become engraved within our minds. Capturing those moments in time which can carry a spectrum of emotions is my passion as a photographer. I want to showcase to the world all it’s beauty and represent just what it has to offer through my lens.


Landscape and wildlife Photography, travel, sailing, music.


I studied Photography and Graphic Design at NBCC. I have 4 years experience with Video Editing and Professional Photography.

Computer Setup:

Apple MacBook Pro 13″, iMac 27″, IPad Air 2

Favorite Software Programs:

Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop CC and  Adobe Illustrator.

Personal Philosophy:

If I can make at least one person smile each day, I am making a difference in this world.