Over the holidays I took a couple of days to visit my old stomping grounds where I took my Graphic Design/ Photography course. The Miramichi River is world renowned for its Salmon fishing. This City in the heart of New Brunswick is full of friendly people and amazing picture opportunities. The Centennial Bridge has been captured in photographs thousands of times, so I wanted to put my own twist on this landmark built 48 years ago. So while waiting for a traditional turkey supper, at what is called the golden hour, I was able to capture a few shots of the bridge and the surrounding scenery. This old boat only adding to the beauty of this remarkable river.
28 Dec 2015 in landscape, by
Heading to Prince Edward Island one day for a photoshoot I decided to stop on the shores of Cape Jourimain in New Brunswick. The view would not disappoint. This engineering marvel, the Confederation Bridge, which is the longest bridge in the world spanning over ice covered water at 12.9 km long. It towered above the shoreline where I stood, and I felt very small with its massive size. I knew I was going to capture some amazing shots this day. I set my tripod up eager to get started. I took several pictures, trying different angles and exposures. These are a few of my favourites. I hope you enjoy these and much as I enjoyed capturing them.
19 Dec 2015 in landscape, by
Introducing Butcher Hills Falls. After a two and a half hour drive from Moncton to Meadowvale Nova Scotia, a few wrong turns and a drive up a fairly well maintained dirt road, myself and fellow photographer from Dragonfly Photography found this gem just a hundred meters down a well worn path. Butcher Hills Falls is a breathtaking view to walk up to with its 50 foot vertical plunge into a deep pool, which then empties, cascading down a 20 foot rock slope. We spent a few hours capturing the beauty of this place. I really loved the fact that I not only got to photograph the 50 foot plunge, but the beautiful cascade as well, it gave me so many different angles and options for great pictures. This place really brought my creativity to life.
14 Dec 2015 in landscape, by